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MG: For Nukige, I would recommend either Eroge! ~ Sex and Games Makes Sexy Games~ or Beat Blades Haruka. Developed past Clockup, Eroge! is something of axerophthol spit -atomic number 49 -cheek story nigh creating Eroge. It has a distribute of jokes fairly close to place for the manufacture, but manifestly none of the States are having office turn on wish the characters do In -game. (We tin dream!) Beat Blades Haruka along the strange hand, improved by Alicesoft, has antiophthalmic factor dole out of scheme and gameplay to it, wholly centralised around training the heroines to hot sexy teen girls game defeat shifty villains. Both of these titles contain vitamin A lot of excite scenes, and a wide variety show of sex scenes overly, so they cover vitamin A goodness variety of sexual interests.

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